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Class Description - Dance - Ballet Classes in Walden, New York
Parent & ME! (ages 2 & 3)
Pink Star Program (ages 4-7)
Purple Star Program (ages 8-9)
Teal Star Program (ages 10-12)
Pink Ribbon Program
(ages 13 & Up)
Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP)

The Dance Design School’s ballet program in Walden is based on the Royal Academy of Dance method. All classes are age specific and follow the public school cut off dates. In many dance schools, ballet classes spend years learning to stand at the barre and memorize feet positions. At Dance Design School in Walden we teach how your child wants to learn. Our younger classes use imagery, story lines and games to teach age appropriate body movements as well as body placement, alignment, weigh placement, terminology and proper classroom conduct. Your child will learn traditional ballet with a teaching style made for today’s generation of kids.

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Ballet Classes at Walden, New York
Ballet Classes ages 4 - 7 at Walden, New York
Ballet Classes ages 10 - 12 at Walden, New York
Ballet Classes ages 13 -18 at Walden, New York
Ballet Classes ages 8 - 9 at Walden, New York

Our older classes encourage our dancers to listen and respond to their own unique bodies, as opposed to traditional ballet teaching methods that do not appreciate the individual child. All class work is designed to limit injuries while progressing students to their individual end goals. Our ballet dancers in Walden have the opportunity to participate in the Royal Academy of Dance performances, held annually. These performances give parent and child an evaluation of the dancer’s progress by an impartial examiner. Advanced dancers may audition and prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix; held annually between January and March. Youth America Grand Prix is a competition that allows dancers the opportunity to perform a well-rehearsed solo variation on a large, professional stage in front of a panel of judges.


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